Shushan Sargsyan | Famous Armenian Composer
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Discover Shushan Sargsyan as a classical music composer

Classical Music Releases

Professional film score composer &

Film Music Demos

Discover Shushan Sargsyan as a Pop Music Composer

Pop Music Releases

Biography &

  • One of the most prominent contemporary composers.
  • A popular author in the field of classical, variety music and soundtracks.
  • She belongs to the circle of the most creative young world composers, who are the future of the world chamber music.
  • She is consider one of the creators of a new direction of chamber-vocal music.
  • Laureate of numerous musical contests.
  • Works with many artists from around the world.
  • Throughout her career, she took master classes from world-famous composers, such as Valentin Silvestrov, Arvo Piart, Yevgeny Stankovich, Tigran Mansuryan, Vardan Ajemyan and others.
  • In her music closely intertwined East and West.
  • Member of the Union of Composers of Armenia since 2015.


Shushan creates music in three directions:

Shushan’s music is touching, refined, beautiful and pure. There is nothing accidental. Every note in place, each sound has a special significance. East and West, Traditions and Innovations, Earthly and Heavenly subtly intertwines in Shushan’s music. It is very important For Shushan be in search for a new space and new sound. Shushan often uses the sounds of unusual instruments created by especially for her works and harmoniously combines them with traditional in her search of a new sound. Each work of Shushan is a whole theater of musical images. Each composition of Shushan is a whole theater of musical images. A theater, there every character plays an important role.

Classic music

Shushan is the author of numerous classical compositions. She writes plays, trios, songs, variations, sonatas, quartets, suites, etc. The most significant are the next: piano pieces, sonata variation “Hermanyasnut” for mezzo-soprano and piano,quartet, suite “Monet Gallery” for chamber orchestra, symphonic suite “Namus” for large orchestra, “Songs of Love”, for mezzo-soprano and pianoforte, “Reflections” for soprano, violin and piano, “East and West” for Armenian viola, cello, pianoforte and bells, etc.

Film music

Shushan subtly feels every frame, every dramatic turn, when she creates music. Through her music, she adds emotion to every scene. Shushan’s soundtracks are easy to remember, because they created with a soul. Their beauty is unforgettable. Soundtrack written by Shushan helps the film to reach the heart of every viewer.

Pop music

Shushan is the author of more than 300 songs. Aspiring and well-known artists of Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Germany, Italy, and America constantly perform her songs. Shushan’s songs are hits! Shushan has a unique ability to write such melodies, that are easy to implement,but it allows the performer to show the full range of his voice. Shushan creates songs in next kind of music: Soul, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop, Funk, Pop-rock, R’n’B, Rap.